Sundays @ LifeChangers 

The church of God is the kingdom of God on earth-an extraordinary work. In this kingdom, we hear the story of transformed lives—and the difference these lives have made in the world. Just after Jesus was crucified, we see the disciples behind closed doors wallowing in the mire of their craven fear, self-doubt and personal shame. Apart from their master, they were a pathetic group indeed. But When Jesus rose from the dead, the same men who abandoned Jesus at Gethsemane were transformed, no longer cowering in fear but  preaching with utter conviction—and at great personal risk. What changed them? And what impact did they make upon their generation and all subsequent ones? This is the story of the Church.  The Holy Spirit transformed the disciples’ lives and His power is available to transform our lives today! This is what we encounter at LifeChangers every Sunday at our gatherings. Every Sunday, we look to God and He meets our needs as we draw close to Him.
Join us on Sundays as we open ourselves to God’s power—coming to us through the Holy Spirit in our services..



The Worship Service is 120 minutes long

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We are currently offering our services on line.  Join us on Facebook and Youtube every Sunday at 12pm

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