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Hope you enjoy the sermons.  I also want you to interact with it , be open and see what God does in you.  



Radical Questions_God unboxed


Love in the Valley-The Star of Christmas-2


December 2017

Seeing past the wilderness

love in the valley

The journey of hope

November 2017

because we are kings and queens

relishing the people in our lives

How to hear from God


October 2017

2 happy meals and a whisper

how to defeat depression

September 2017

My relationship with God

pillars of lasting relationships

August 2017

building bridges with your words

unrelenting vision

why do you do what you do?

July 2017

incredible provision

incredible faith_digging ditches

incredible commitment

living in between miracles

June 2017

mighty proclamations

a fathers affirmation

making a mark

May 2017

My agency of mercy

My ministry of mercy


Showing mercy in my family


Gods mercy and my value

April 2017

Gods mercy and my forgiveness