We know it isn’t easy visiting a church for the very first time and that is why we’ve cleared the way for you to feel comfortable and right at home at LifeChangers when you come! 

What’s available for my kids? We know that as a parent you need to be sure that your children are in a SAFE learning environment. And we know that your children are looking for a FUN place to learn. That is why we are committed to see our children’s ministry come to be a place where your children love to come and connect. You’ll see that in our children’s ministry programs, and even more in the volunteers who work with your kids. Whether it is your first time at a church or you’ve been attending for years, whether you are beginning or continuing your spiritual journey, we are committed to presenting a creative, relevant and life-changing presentation of God’s truths. If it’s been a while since you’ve come to church or maybe you’ve never been to church, you’ve come to the right place!

When you arrive, you can park anywhere in SOPAC’S spacious parking lot. There are directional signs pointing to the worship auditorium.  Please follow the signs. Upon enetering the auditorium, a greeter will then walk you to your seat hand you our information-filled Worship Guide. Then relax and enjoy the service! Anytime during the service, you can go to the refreshment table for some refreshments on the house. You don’t have to pay anything, you don’t have to commit and you can bring anyone along.

Our Celebration service starts at 10am and is between 80 and 90 minutes long.  This includes a dynamic time of singing together. Pastor Olowe then preaches where he focuses his messages on real “life issues”-the kind you can use. We want you to be able to say that what you heard on Sunday helped you on Monday with your family, your work and other areas of your life.  We’ll even give you a helpful outline with the Bible passages. Our goal is to help you connect with the personal hope and practical help that God offers because at the core of it all is the fact that God has made all of us to live purpose driven lives.  Our service ends with a thoughtful song.